1. Babarock

    Guests are not watching fireworks shows

    Park guests will not stop and enjoy the pyrotechnics shows no matter what I do, apparently. Certain challenges cannot even be completed without this game mechanic. I have watched every youtube tutorial on the subject (none of them mention this issue, nor show you how its "supposed to be done")...
  2. T

    Fireworks and Lights Editor

    I absolutely love the show controller parts of Planet Coaster and also RCT3 in the past. It's something alongside coaster design that I can sink a lot of time into but I've honestly haven't bothered with fireworks displays in PC because I find it to be very limiting in what is available to us...
  3. T

    Music in Sequencer Timetable

    When going to a certain time by clicking on the timetable shown on the picture, the fireworks and fountains are fine, but the music is a few seconds late, please tell me I don't have to start the show over every time I want to see if something is timed correctly?
  4. krueger.freddy


    I wish some stations had fireworks going off on new years eve. Well lets wait for chinese new year or 4th of july. Just for the looks of it... They have nice ones in Planet Coaster. Maybe the devs should sneek over and copy-paste some code there ;-)
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