1. T

    Allow use of pre 3.3 Advanced Discovery Scanner

    Dear community. I do realise that such topic has already been done to death. But please, hear me out. I've ben reading forums for a while and found quite a group of those like me, missing the old method of carrying out exploration. To put things simple : jump, honk, glance at the system map...
  2. zuluniner

    Into The Abyss And Beyond

    Hello fellow commanders, My name is ZuluNiner, I am an explorer dedicated to exploring the edge of space and attempting to push the limits of our current technology. I am currently on an expedition into The Abyss which started approximately 7 earth days ago. Once I reach The Abyss I plan on...
  3. S

    Codex "Reported" unreliable?

    (I've already searched the forums and didn't find anything) I'm about 15 kly out from Sol, in the Outer Orion Spur, and am currently following Codex Reported discoveries to Confirm them. In 2 separate systems (I don't have the names in front of me I'm at work) I was looking for reported bullet...
  4. Old Duck

    EDSM and First Discoveries

    I'm on PS4, so please forgive my ignorance (and feel free to move this to whatever subforum it belongs in). I've discovered and mapped all sorts of exciting things since I started playing, many systems surprisingly close to the Bubble, but these are not in EDSM due to the lack of integration...
  5. T

    Advanced Discovery Scanner - Planetary Mission Issues

    Now, is it just me (because it certainly could be), or have things changed in the game? Coming back to EDH after a little time away, I slapped my Corvette into port, next to my Cutter & Anaconda and boarded my favourite ship; my Diamondback Explorer. Don't ask why, I just like it. Anyhow, I use...
  6. publicstaticvoid


    Look.... I know you are hard at work playing with dinosaurs at the moment and all but I think we need a few bread crumbs, a mystery, something. A hint to undiscovered content, a lead in the direction of anything, you have that power! Isn't it great? I'm not saying I am bored or anything, I mean...
  7. Old Duck

    First Discoveries In The Age Of The CODEX

    I was originally going to call this "Carrier Pigeon Limpets" with the idea of giving us a new limpet to allow explorers to send exploration data back to civilization from deep space in order to get First Discovery & Map tags (but not payment) without having to come back to the Bubble, when it...
  8. OldSchoolPlayer

    DCO VII White Dwarf - Rarest in the galaxy!

    I give you the DCO VII White Dwarf... It is simply beautiful ! Location: Mylaifa CB-X D1-2814 PS. Don't forget your sunglasses! :cool:

    Remove grid overlay on planets when not using DSS

    While the grid overlay is super useful and makes sense while you are mapping with the discovery scanner, it makes very little sense afterwards to have the big blue overlay on afterwards. It might be nice in the niche case that you want to map a lot of bodies right next to eachother and don't...
  10. R

    Simple FSS QOL Suggestion: Allow exit direct to System Map

    The "Open System Map" mode switch control does not seem to work while in FSS mode. One must exit FSS, then open System map to look around after resolving bodies. Simply enabling the mode switch out of FSS would be very helpful, please.

    Adaptive zoom failed.. Adaptive zoom failed.. Adaptive zoom failed..

    One annoying issue i have with the FSS is how really sensitive the targets are, for both planet selection and tuning. Note, i'm not referring to the actual action of moving the dials over the signal, it's just that the actual "hitbox" for these are smaller than the signals themselves. I use a...
  12. I

    add a number next to thargoid barnicles.

    when you surface scan a planet that has biological or geological phenomena ,the locations are numbered, but thargoid barnacles are not. making it difficult to discern where you have and have not gone to. "but why not just session hop"you may ask. well i happen to like flying to different locations.
  13. Riverside

    A More Advanced Discovery Scanner

    With the introduction of the new Full System Survey Scanner (FSS) in 3.3 surveying a system has become much quicker because it can now be done at a distance. This is a great feature that allows the player to decide whether to visit a distant planet based on the full information of what's on that...
  14. T

    What is the "compensation" for owners of advanced scanners?

    Regarding the new Discovery/Exploration mechanics, the devs said: "... those players who have already purchased scanners above the basic level would receive compensation. " So, exactly what is/was the compensation? And what about those players that had used engineers to maximize the upgrades...
  15. Slo

    Discovery Scanner modification

    I'm not sure if this belongs here or whether I should file a bug report because it seems the game designers are horribly broken! The following is a bit lengthy. Skip to the end for the suggestion. Before everything got messed up, I used to occasionally just fly somewhere, then somewhere else...
  16. Frank_G

    [Discovery] One day...

    ...i might land here, have a whisky and watch that ringed purple beast rise above the horizon... I found this rare planet roughly 5.000 ly from the bubble in the Outer Orion Spur.

    Notable Stellar Phenomena really should be in FSS & map

    It is... a really big surprise to me, that as far as i know, Notable Stellar Phenomena appear in neither the discovery scanner, nor the system map. Only if you take an occasional look through the left-side navigation panel, which explorers rarely have reason to do, will you know if you have...
  18. CMDR Arazriel

    Comprehensive Multi-Crew Exploration System

    Hi, I have a few suggestions in mind with the recent BETA. Please note that BETA 2 is currently experiencing server issues, but I considered my suggestions in alignment with the new game mechanics. First of all I have to say the multi-crew element is severely lacking in it's current state in...
  19. Merkir

    Ideas for new Discovery Scanner to complement FDev's new exploration reveal

    TLDR; Suggestions to increase player choice, strategy, mystery and anticipation/tension/excitement during use of the new Discovery Scanner, to work in with FDev's new mechanics. It revolves around a new "Honk" pre-analysis, the use of a signal analysis computer complementing the new "tune and...
  20. R

    Discovery scanner changes

    I worry the new Discovery methods will be immersion breaking. If I'm going to a system, "honk," then I'm in a new screen, I'll feel very disoriented. As it is, I turn off orbit lines because I don't want to look at them. I want to look at space. I want to look at planets and stars and etc. I...
  21. T

    Discovery Scanner Changes (simple idea that won't happen.)

    Is's obvious ED is going to do this change regardless of we like it or not, so, I am not going to address that as it's pointless. But, I have an idea, like it or hate it-I don't care, but I figured I'll put this out here to discuss. Change the Intermediate Discovery scanner to do what the...
  22. K

    Generation Ship Achlys Found

    Original Reddit thread- The Achlys can be found orbiting HIP 114458 planet A 2. There are apparently audio logs, but for some reason I cannot access them. Photos to follow if I can figure...
  23. MoonManx22

    New Horizons Probe is out there to be found! (Has Been Found)

    Hello CMDRs, I read an article last night on Galnet that scientists had found what appeared to be the New Horizons probe launched in 2008. Read the full article HERE. I have started a Reddit discussion on it that can be found HERE. Just wanted to start a discussion here too so that we can all...
  24. cosby714

    Onionhead Farm Found in the Pleiades

    Myself and a few of my fellow PRIA (Peregrina Research and Intelligence Agency, shameless plug I know) members, Cmdrs Lucky Luke and MoodyyMann were out exploring in the pleiades when we came across a station known as "Keast & Crighton Comestibles" which seems to be an onionhead farm. This...
  25. SillyChimera943

    Community Event / Creation Alcatraz Class Prison Mega Ship attacked by Thargoids in HIP 17692

    As the title suggests, this mega-ship has been attacked by Thargoids and Medical units are already surrounding the ship. There is also a comlink and an SOS antenna broadcasting in morse-code. The location of the mega-ship can be discovered near the HIP 17692 A 3 planet. Image of the ship...
  26. Fanghur Rahl

    My coolest discovery of 2017: World of Giant Canyons

    So 2017 has officially come and gone, and this remains by far the coolest world I discovered last year.
  27. N

    Automated Discovery Scanner

    Before you shoot me down: I simply believe pressing and holding a mouse button down for an arbitrary amount of time is not engaging gameplay. This is especially true with an unlimited range scanner. Remove the need of making a fire group for this, and make it charge up and honk (don't wan't...
  28. N

    "Visual exaggeration" - Beautiful photographs vs realistic blobs: Why not both?

    From the following livestream Q&A, under the QUESTIONS FROM 09/11/2017 - Discovery Scanner 1 - Creating a Galaxy with Dr Anthony Ross. There was this question that got...
  29. M

    Could we keep original "First Discovered by" names when system is finally settled?

    I (Rovaniemi Koivula my main CMDR) happened to stumble on a system named Omega Sector VE-Q B5-15 on my way back from Colonia to Bubble (when taking part to that Colonia expansion CG to try and get my corporation there). It looked such lovely system in just lovely place nicely between bubble and...
  30. P


    I couldn't believe my eyes when I jumped into a system on my exploring trip around 2,702 LY from sol to the Elephant's Trunk Nebula this was my last jump, when I stubble on a nav becon, I looked at the system map and there it was an asteroid station!! I did not expect to see any kind of civilize...
  31. B

    General / Off-Topic Ages

    I'm feeling really good at the moment, I have just discovered I am 2 days younger than David Braben. woot. So, how old is everybody?
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