1. MAD-7

    Personal Bases

    Suggestion for upcoming content that would allow for a more personal narrative: The Below idea, I believe, would give players more of a stake in the Galaxy, and provide more of a sense of involvement, and a sense of ownership. Perhaps it has been brought up before, or perhaps it's wishing in...
  2. Swizzy o7o7

    Frontier, You're the Best!! (2020 content)

    FDEV, you're the best! As a real CMDR, I just wanted to say: 99% of the player base support your decision to push content back to 2020, and beyond. This is because we know for a fact that it will be better than ever before! Do not listen to that 1% of entitled life time pass owner's... I...
  3. publicstaticvoid


    Look.... I know you are hard at work playing with dinosaurs at the moment and all but I think we need a few bread crumbs, a mystery, something. A hint to undiscovered content, a lead in the direction of anything, you have that power! Isn't it great? I'm not saying I am bored or anything, I mean...
  4. wetwire

    Thargoid Related Missions

    I would like to see mission boards that are in the same system as a damaged station/repairing station to start populating Thargoid related missions. Currently the only mission directly related to Thargoids appear to be the moving mega ship for thargoid massacre. But if you visit a system where...
  5. Yes i am here

    Fan-Made Dinosaurs (IDEAS)

    Hey, so... i've made this discussion to see what people would answer.. So... Type as many dinosaurs you would like to have in the game, i'm just curious (ONCE AGAIN) For an Example : Basic Dinosaurs : - Therizinosaurus , (Put comment right after the "," to explain why you'd like to have him in...
  6. G

    Future of Elite+Paid For Content

    Dear Frontier/The Community, If we look at our setups for playing Elite, almost all of us have invested hundreds if not thousands in gaming hardware, decent PC, VR headset etc, almost all just to play Elite. And that is not counting the time which for most of us is in the hundreds of hours...
  7. W

    I understand why, but teen rating is a shame.

    For being held in a “serious and distopian” and decently realistic setting, it is a shame that the rating is only teen. I think it would have gone a bit deeper into the believable and dark aspects of the game (obviously) if they went for a mature rating. Just imagine an npc swearing as you blow...
  8. R

    Player Designed Race Courses

    Players like to compete, but currently setting up race courses and trials is not possible and has to be completely imagined and explained in some detail. Possible Solution Allow players to purchase and drop limpets designated as race / trial 'start-points', 'end-points' and 'way-points'...
  9. Rick Bravo

    What is the REAL reason for Permit Lock Regions?

    We are told by Fdev, that these areas are reserved for future content, however in the history of the game, I am unaware of a single permit locked region becoming unlocked for any reason. Fdev delivered the all the Guardian and Thargoid content we have seen thus far into regions that were not...
  10. spatula

    Community Event / Creation Deep Space Dangus

    Hey CMDRS, For anyone interested in Elite content that's more on the humorous/RP side of things, I've been putting out videos recently in a mini-series called "Deep Space Dangus", chronicling the adventures of Captain Spatula as he travels from Colonia, to Sagittarius A on a secret mission for...
  11. Mace

    NPC system type traffic/locations and combat scanner

    With the way that the systems are already structured, ED already has population and system type information amongst other things. So, I feel one thing that would improve the gaming experience would be to have seeded NPC undockable installations depending on the type of system. To explain, in a...
  12. T


    Right so here im gonna outline why asking for sace legs is ultimatley a pointless excersize. Space legs would require some technical hurdles that I can't see realistically solved anytime soon,inluding a new game engine bolted into the pre existing one, a whole new physics model and new control...
  13. TomixComics

    Custom scenarios: Option for locking DLC content. (PLEASE!)

    Okay so as a person who plays and creates custom scenarios, something that's always bothered me is how DLC content (rides, scenery, etc.) just automatically adds itself to ALL existing scenarios. I'm not saying it shouldn't be added to existing scenarios. I'm sure many people love opening old...
  14. Yamiks

    [video] The need for more "CONTENT"
  15. RadicalEdward2

    Cut Content: Can Life Find A Way?

    Disclaimer: This is not a wish list. Do NOT lock this because it has a list format. While looking through some old footage of the game (pre-release), I remembered that there was an instance where a T-rex actually destroyed a ranger jeep. Was there a reason for why this was removed from the...
  16. Temporelus

    Fleet Carriers and Squadrons, how to make them worth looking forward to.

    What prompts me to make this post today is the not completely vanished hope to make the following upcoming content good and potentially revolutionary. It is clear to all of us that we won’t get Fleet Carrier and Squadron mechanics tomorrow, and yet I have seen a lot of pessimism (understandably...
  17. P

    Movie related content when watching JP in theatres in summer 2018?

    Hi guys, will there be some movie-related content when watching the new JP film in theatres? I mean something like Blizzard did when the Warcraft movie started and you got game content. Or when you look at Creative Assembly, who collaborated with Gamestop to give away some exclusive free DLCs...
  18. Justinian Octavius

    Beyond Payable DLC suggestions

    Just some crazy, and perhaps not so crazy, ideas for what I would pay for in regard to the Beyond payable DLC. Handcrafted Story arcs Using the follow on mission system blaze your own trail in the Empire/Federation navy or as an independent Explorer (Q4?)/Pirate/Trader by completing a series of...
  19. ClutchMonkey

    Finding The Roadster

    o7 Frontier and the ED community, I was wondering if it were possible to add the Tesla roadster in the game and whoever is able to find it is able to get the mini Tesla roadster as a dashboard figurine? Kind of an achievement to show off to people. Not sure if many people know this but they...
  20. B

    Habitable vs Terraformable?

    I've seen a lot of different lists, charts, tables, and infographics about how much I can expect to be paid for a given type of stellar body. That's all well and good, and I just made 37 million on my 5k journey to unlock Palin, so I think I'm doing pretty okay... but then I noticed something...
  21. Captain Crazy

    ED Devs Please read this

    Hey ED Devs what is the premium content for Lifetime expansion pass holders because me and meny others are wondering what we are getting for this "season".
  22. E

    [B]1,2,3, The problem with Elite [Ranty].[/B]

    In my experience playing this game for 2.5 years this are the issues that i noticed the most in elite, i'll just mention the top 3 and possible solutions. 3 THE CAREERS/WHAT TO DO As of today 01/09/18 if a new player is aiming to get conda(lets not kid ourselfs, this is the first objective for...
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