1. A

    Looking for Zemina Toraval pilots on Xbox

    Hopping this is the right thread, I try to set up a wing supporting Zemina Torval for Xbox players. As setting up a wing on Xbox is much more difficult than on PC (no Discord, Trello, Rediit et al), I wanted to try to find some cmdrs over here. It seems to be the first wing pledgeg to Torval...
  2. NW3

    QoL improvement for CGs: Add a new Marketplace Manager contact

    Recently, yet another trading CG has been thwarted by a lockdown state. I think there should be a new contact, a Marketplace Manager, similar to a black market contact. This contact should only be available whenever the main Commodities area is closed down (only if the station has a...
  3. Eruptor218

    CGs are being far to over-used, and are not special or fun anymore

    Community Goals when I first started out were a great way to interact with other players, and to make some nice cash. Some of this may still be true now, however in my experience for playing the game (coming up for 3 years now) I have seen Community Goals being more and more common, what would...
  4. Droid8Apple

    AX Multicannon CG not meant to finish

    People that are saying (not me) "oh with this or that brief moment that you could make money in Elite (like a Solar Eclipse...yes...of the heart) cause people to not care about the CG and people are going to be sorry when they're getting destroyed by ________". EDIT- added 3rd CG screenshot from...
  5. Joël

    Community Meeting Efteling 2017 (CHC version)

    Hey amazing Coaster Heads! You may have seen the hashtag #CommunityMeetingEfteling2017 pop up in some livestream chats. This hashtag is connected to a Community Meeting that some members of the Dutch Planet Coaster community are going to organise in Efteling, a theme park in The Netherlands...
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