1. Dryheat4u

    Proposed Improvements to the Limpet Mechanic

    Limpets as currently implemented are a vital mechanic for effective completion of game missions. As currently implemented, only a few limpet types are necessary on a regular basis. Other limpet types are not as critical and are widely ignored because of the disproportionate load they put on ship...
  2. breezerHOG1

    Collection of popular discussion threads w/ links

    THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR REQUESTING RIDES, COASTER TYPES, OR SCENERY! Threads about SPLINE BASED WALLS and FENCES (or click + drag for walls) - Ruler Tool (2) - Click+swipe walls and simpler wall customization <--- notice how The Sims 4 used a Grid with simple building tools? - Spline tools for...
  3. G

    The collector drone: Ship-launched item collector

    You can check out another collection-centered thread here, the material collector limpet:
  4. Riverside

    Wake Scanning for Data

    I play in a pretty varied way, I travel around, I trade, do missions & explore, I shoot at stuff until it pops then collect the stuff that falls out. So as far as the new materials & data collection is concerned I have collected a lot of everything, many of my bins are full, I miss the dilemma...
  5. Reneta Scian

    Limpets are Awful - Loot Collection Woes

    After doing lots of material scouring about the cosmos for every bit of goodness I can use for synthesis, as well as engineering it occurred to me. LIMPETS ARE AWFUL! It often takes longer to collect loot with limpets than it takes to liberate them from either the bum of an Anaconda, or a...
  6. Trumplestiltskin

    Less Tedious and Mind-Numbing Surface Material Gathering

    Alright, I'm on my way back from Arm's End. It takes a great many boosted jumps to get out there, over 31 for less than a 2kly stretch of the 6.5 or so kly of sparse stars. Fortunately, through divine intervention or sheer luck, there also happens to be quite a few Jumponium-rich systems out...
  7. breezerHOG1

    Collection of Tutorials, Guides, and other useful tricks

    This is a collection of tutorials, guides, and tips that are highly recommended [up] Official Planet Coaster Pages: (URL) Authors - Description (Link) Frontier - Reddit Community (Link) Frontier - Discord Chat Server (Link) Frontier - Facebook (Link) Frontier - Twitter (Link) Planet Coaster -...
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