1. Justinian Octavius

    BREAKING NEWS! The Christmas Tree bobblehead is back!…

    In a major development the Frontier Store has now begun selling Christmas Tree Bobbleheads again! Thousands have already purchased this festive item and dedicated many hours getting its position in the cockpit just right. This has unfortunately left thousands of civilians to burn to death in...
  2. Greytest

    Community Event / Creation Elite YuleTube Christmas Project

    Dear Commanders, i am super excited to finally announce Elite YuleTube! Update: The Project is underway! Here is the link to the YouTube Playlist containing all videos:
  3. F

    December Racing Event/ Charity livestream (need help)

    Hello, I am cmndr FuzzyVis69. I am one of the leaders of the Pilots Ascension Program. My group and I were wanting to put together a Racing event in December not only for something fun to do for the holidays. But also we were wanting to make this a charity run. But this is the first time I...
  4. Skunkworks

    Community Event / Creation Elite Advisor - Maximise your trading potential!

    Announcement. The real-time price feed is no more. Andreas, thanks for the Market Data Network - it was indeed fun whilst it lasted. More details here Proudly announcing the launch of - a web site designed to help you maximise your trading potential. The site's...
  5. A

    Any help ? Money ? Trade routes ?

    Hi ya everyone just like frontier it's quite hard to get those first few credits rolling in , is there any trade routes or any other ways to get some credits ? I am a big fan of the game so much so I brought a gaming PC just to play it lol :)
  6. T

    Community Event / Creation EliteTrade.Net - Keep track.

    Hi Guys, Firstly may I just give a shout out to the devs of Elite. What an amazing job you guys have done so far. Well done! Next... my fan creation: EliteTrade.Net ( I, like all of you i'm sure, have been trying to find a good way of keeping track of my trades in...
  7. Kerrash

    "Is that even legal...?"

    A thought just crossed my mind... Obviously imperial slaves would get their own cabins but; I wonder if, when slave trading becomes available, you could fit a slave in a standard cargo can? Probably have to be on life support in an induced coma, but this would be highly illegal I imagine. Just...
  8. deMangler

    ED Server / Servers Down problems discussion thread

    Probably a bad thread title but here goes. There has been some discussion of using cash for credits to fund the game server. I would probably never purchase in-game credits even if I were a millionaire and I wanted to support the server. Here is a suggestion for an additional server financing...
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