1. RadicalEdward2

    General Gameplay Remove Camera Shaking from Nublar North in Challenge Mode

    Can there please be an option to turn of the shaky camera on Nublar North in Challenge Mode (or even the ability to build in Nublar North outside of the expansion as another Nublar location)? I get there's a reason for the tremors in the context of the Claire's Sanctuary but, outside of that...
  2. John Guevara

    long time exposure option for free camera

    i wish i could set a long time exposure and take a picture at a edge of our milky way to see other galaxies in the deep dark zones, like Hubble was doing:
  3. Vurrath

    auto-docking computer still turns off, when free-camera is turned on - 5000LY trip cartoG data lost.

    :S is it just me, or is how long it's taken, to correct the bug that turning on the free camera when the docking computer is on, which turns the docking computer off, taking just a liiiiiiitle too long to fix. how long have you had since that one was reported, Frontier? i just returned...
  4. W

    On-Ride: Camera view 360 degree

    Hello, when I'm riding a coaster I'm able to look 90° to the left and 90° to the right. Question: How can I look back? I want 360° rotation during on-ride, not only 180°. I'm looking for a way to unlock the rotation limitation. Any commands/cheats available? I want this so bad ;-/ Thanks a...
  5. K

    Saving custom camera presets in Camera Suite

    It would be good to have: - save our own camera presets in Camera Suite (or just let the cameras stay where we left them, instead of returning to default every time) - move the camera position inside cockpit (not only rotation) - make the keybingigs help info be OFF by default, not on. Or, if I...
  6. Be4st

    Landing Camera UI

    Quite simple really, when you deploy landing gear, a UI interface for camera views around your ship appears. This allows you to land with precision, navigate rough terrain a little better and also allows you to see all hazards around your ship that may hinder your landing/takeoff. I know ships...
  7. Daish

    Camera suite default player settings.

    Though mentioned in previous threads,it needs to come up again more so with the new Q4 update, having player default camera suite settings is a must QOL, resetting the camera each time is tiresome needless waste of time and frustration. With the new darker planets and space cloud environments...
  8. Daish

    Preset camera modes.

    Being LONG over due frontier can you please provide preset camera views for the camera suite, this would help progress in game and help video makers as well. Having our own savable camera angle presets is something a long the way of QOL, though it has been posted before but largely gone unnoticed.
  9. tribbleoverlord

    Rear-View Camera!

    This so needs to be a thing. We got spaceships, laser's, dogfighting with alien starfish, and faster than light travel...but no rear-view mirror? Wut... I'd love to have a small strip at the very top of the windshield (or a small square off to one side) that shows a view from a camera mounted...
  10. T

    Camera 'T' Mode UI Tweek

    This is a change only for 'T' mode, which is most useful for working inside buildings and tight spaces. While in 'T' mode have the 'W' and 'S' keys travel forwards and backwards on the current plane and use the scroll wheel to change the elevation of the camera and camera target. Currently WS...
  11. S

    Lock head position eyefinity multi monitor

    Hello! I am using 3 monitors and have a great view of the cockpit. I would like the ability to lock the head position so I can view my side menus on the left and right screens instead of the camera panning over and bringing the menu into my main field of view. I feel like this will create a...
  12. A

    Quality of Life improvement for outfitting screen

    When I outfit my ships with external components (utility mounts, hard points), I like to place them strategically. For example, if I outfit an ASP with Point Defence, I want to place it in the back just above the hatch. That is the best position (IMO) for the PD as it protects both against...
  13. Daish

    Required qulaity of life improvements.

    Though maybe mentioned before in a post, but would be nice to see these sooner rather than later... Camera suite presets are badly needed, so boring and more Annoying to keep having to reset to a good angle alllllll the time.... Ship kits, can please have a way of using both ships kits and...
  14. T

    Flight Recorder

    This could be thought of as a log of positions of ships and objects that could be activated and then played back (would be an extra feature of the Ship Camera so that you can go back and record your footage later) Viewing footage would have to be done whilst either docked or from the main menu...
  15. R

    34th century autopilot

    So 24th century ships (Star Trek) have computers that can fly the ship to a destination. 10 centuries later , in the same galaxy...ships are not able to be flown by computer. What gives? I understand this request will probably cause uproar within the community saying that it removes the...
  16. R

    Инерция поворота камеры

    Инерция поворота камеры Помогите пожалуйста отключить инерцию поворота камеры от 1 лица в кресле пилота Этот эффект негативно действует на мой вестибюлярный аппарат, почему-то Кто что-то знает о том как сделать так, чтобы камера поворачивалась ровно на столько на сколько я повернул мышкой, а...
  17. A

    Coaster Crazy Hide the HUD? Also free view coaster?

    Just bought CCD and it's a lot of FUN! I do have a couple of wishes thus far... 1. Is there a way to hide the HUD (icons) when viewing the completed coaster during the ride? 2. Is there also a way to have a free view mode to view the coaster from anywhere on the map without any HUD or display...
  18. M

    HUD not displayed correctly

    i'm a bit of a alpha tester/forum noob, so i'm not sure whether the 'known issue' described as "GUI can appear off-set or mis-aligned, particularly at high resolutions" is the same as what i'm experiencing: the stuff when i look left and right in the cockpit is fine, but up front everything...
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