1. Donald Duck

    Why is the bug a bug? :D Thargoids at Rescue Ship!

    Watch what happens if a Thargoid cyclop follows a cmdr to one of the rescue ships. https://youtu.be/kxgrTvE0etI
  2. H

    Fighter Ships Constantly Suffers Caustic Damage.

    A small bug that I suffer with, every time I lunch one of my fighters it take caustic damage from a fight that I had about a week ago now. Has this happened to anyone else? Also I'm aware that this isn't the "bugs report" forum. Unfortunately I can't seem to delete and relocate this, so here...
  3. Makdo

    WTH is up with this game??

    Just sitting out here casually mining and I am getting these silly mission time bonus messages for some delivery mission that I never took. In fact, I haven't done any missions since yesterday. Did someone say this was a full production release because it sure seems like a Beta build to me...
  4. B

    Friendly Fire, Automated Combat, and Police

    So I just lost 5mil to replace my Beluga today because the cops decided to turn on me over a 200CR assault bounty that I randomly gained (Don't ask why I was bounty hunting in a Beluga). I've had the exact same thing happen before in Keelback. Granted, of the hundreds of bounty vouchers I've...
  5. B

    "I'm a Doctor, Jim, not a coal miner!"

    This is unacceptable. Why is it that FDev always prioritizes payouts and exploits, but broken stuff like this gets ignored!? In almost every station I go, its been nigh unto impossible to find a decent set of cargo missions (I've been running cargo as my job since 2.3 hit). I tried passenger...
  6. SpaceMachine

    Sticky Please - PS4 Known Issues Since 1.07

    I see that the bug reports have lit up since the last update(s). The support wing has probably suffered heavy incoming fire - I guess they must also have a lot of data about the current issues. More than happy to help - on my own time. In fact, rather than waiting for my copper connection to...
  7. K

    LostWinds Lost winds 2

    Hi, I'm stuck trying to get into the city. I got to the part where you have to plant the seed. Did that, but I don't know what to do next! I can't figure out how to open any of the doors. Help? Thank you!
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