1. T

    Shield Generator Auto Activation when exiting Witch Space

    Sometimes, I deactivate my shield generator to help reduce heat when near stars on a longer set of jumps. I am currently using a 6C Bi-Weave After the April update, the shield generator turns its self on when exiting Witch Space. Before I create a bug report, could I get a few other...
  2. I

    PVE Piracy Bug

    I decided to do some more pirate runs to continue getting money to flush out my ship upgrades. I found a juicy type-7 with a good haul, interdicted it, lowered its shields and then used rail guns to knock the drives down to 0%. Upon closing the gap the NPC Type 7 started boosting and...
  3. Mc.G

    Priority groups get reset randomly since the April update for me. Does anyone else encounter this problem?

    Most of the time when i jump in normal space my priority groups get mixed/reset which causes important modules to get deactivated whilst in a fight. Is it just me or does anyone else have this problem too?

    Unable to connect to Adjudication server (Xbox One)

    I know this thread has been created a lot of times, but the more the developers see this, I feel the faster it will get fixed. I stopped playing for months because of this problem then I came back a couple of days ago and realised it hasn't been fixed. My connection is good, servers always say...
  5. S

    [PC - 1.6.2] Management view

    The management view goes back to none when you "X" out of the menu. so if i sit my fast food to "food" in the managment veiw and "X" out it will go back to none. if i switch to other fast foods it stays at "food"
  6. Tiger Bill

    You have insufficient privileges to reply here.

    Can someone tell me how I am supposed to report game bugs? I am missing codex entries & it is becoming a waste of my time if the Codex does not record my finds. M-Class Red Giants found in each sector but no entry in the codex. Same for the Space pumpkins. When I go to the bug reports page I...
  7. S

    multi-crew shooting security by itself

    the first time it happened was when I was leaving a station and my anaconda blew up. so next time I was careful and approached slowly. my hardpoints where constantly deploying and I had to constantly unarm them all the while the crew member was not pressing anything. I managed to get away from...
  8. A

    Galaxy Map bug?

    SO ive been flying around near deciat for a bit and decided to head down to Pleides sector to get some more meta alloy. Im using my recently acquired Anaconda for this, an Anaconda with a Grade A frameshift drive that can reach 25.10ly per jump with a 6c fuel tank added on. BUG: So tell me why...
  9. A

    Hardware & Technical Disappearing stars.... no solution!?

    Have ignored this bug for a while now, but cannot understand that this has not been resolved? I get that the star cubes are a remnant of the Star Forge's early days and can't be changed, but that the rest of the stars disappear... Is this really something FDev are unable to fix? Cause it seems...
  10. V

    auto-docking computer still turns off, when free-camera is turned on - 5000LY trip cartoG data lost.

    :S is it just me, or is how long it's taken, to correct the bug that turning on the free camera when the docking computer is on, which turns the docking computer off, taking just a liiiiiiitle too long to fix. how long have you had since that one was reported, Frontier? i just returned...
  11. A

    Found New Data Scanning Bug. THX FD

    started a Planetary Scan Job mission today, 2 days time limit. Location: CD-39 3269 (near Xinca) Planet 3C Found the Planetary Outpost and attempted scan of data point after switching to analysis mode. Turrets begin to fire on me as it is a restricted area, game crashes. makes that long...
  12. A

    ok so massacre missions

    MY massacre missions don't seem to work. im currently on a wing massacre mission in Shos against the Camorra and im at 33/48 kills. for some reason once i hit this the enemy stopped spawning altogether. i have logged out and in, left system and jumped back, and tried loading up with silver or...
  13. Z

    My Codex entry for K12-Type anormaly has disappeared

    IP Protocol IPv4 Date & Time of Occurrence 18/02/19 21:15 +0 Frequency 10+ VR? None / N/A Location Dryoea Flyi II-S e4-6870 Ship/SRV? Ship Ship Type Anaconda Commander Name Zorkin Description The day before the patch, I got a codex entry for K12 anormaly, shown as reported by me. Today...
  14. GunnerBill

    Consistent CTD on dropping from SC since patch

    Since the patch I have not been able to drop from Super Cruise without a Crash to Desktop (CTD). That's 4 times in a row now. Anyone else? ---- EDIT: These may have been mission related... the first three were dropping into an assassination mission signal source and the third was being...

    A BUG?

    greetings .. i got some stupid bounty on me, and managed to dock, but I'm in a station controlled by the faction who I'm wanted , I got enough credits, and the authority contact just can't see my bounty. Also tried in interstellar factors in another system, changing game instancing, game modes...
  16. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP The Bug Exploiting of FleetComm.

    Blocking Exploit in Elite: Dangerous Links to evidence below. All reference to names have been covered to prevent naming and shaming. I recently made a post referring to the current block exploit circulating in Elite: Dangerous, on the Frontier Forums. It was immediately brigaded by members of...
  17. G

    Ship Mysteriously Destoyed - Bug or Feature ?

    So I was on planet Anca A1 at a geological surface site in my SRV. I am going around shooting crystals gathering the mats, when suddenly I get the message that my ship is destroyed. Just like that. No-one else was around. It was in open though. I quit out to Elite(non-horizons), did my...
  18. S

    Docking Request Denied

    So last night I was trying to dock at a space port and I put in (not even kidding) at least 20 back to back requests to dock and all were denied. All I wanted to do was drop off my three passengers.....a simple 7 million dollar job. Upon entry out of SC, there were no system authority vessels...
  19. flamenkosh

    Multicrew exploration questions

    I just spent 3 HOURS in multicrew exploration trying to get my friend some beginning credits. I turn them in and he gets nothing, zilch, nada. Is there something that I did wrong? why didn't he get any of my profit (39 million)? Thank you for any kind of help.
  20. Mangal Oemie

    Known Issues with the 3.3.02 BGS (orig. AEDC Discord)

    Hey everybody (and any FD staff checking in), We were chatting in our Discord earlier today, and this resulted in a list of bugs with the current BGS as far as we know. This seemed wise to share with all of the BGS community, and may be an easy list for FD to work from, should they come across...