1. Sawyer1

    Different backgrounds for maps

    I'd love to be able to have different backgrounds to your parks on the game! Myself and Deuce were discussing this earlier and I had a go at what this **could** look like. This was made in paint with a sea background I found on the internet over a print screen of my Indominus Rex Country...
  2. R

    Purpose of skirt

    What is the purpose of the skirt then if we are locked out from it and can’t use it or build rides over it? Just for filler so that there is something there rather than just black like old RCT’s or just sky?
  3. F

    Water only background terrain

    Hi, I know the subject of new standard background terrains / backdrops has been voiced before but has anyone ever asked for one that is water only? this would be nice & low on memory use & now that we can place spawnpoints using the scenario editor this would be great for creating true island...
  4. SafariJ

    Generic Biome and Background

    It would be great to have a completely flat biome with no hills in the background with nothing but sky or water to the horizon.
  5. KickAir8p

    Scenario Editor - Park Skirts?!?

    In the livestream earlier they called the surrounding still-uneditable area the "skirt", and said they were difficult to make. I'd like to request the following, hopefully simple, additions to available park skirts: Nothing But Ocean - Maybe 12 or so meters deep of water everywhere, no land...
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