1. T

    Allow use of pre 3.3 Advanced Discovery Scanner

    Dear community. I do realise that such topic has already been done to death. But please, hear me out. I've ben reading forums for a while and found quite a group of those like me, missing the old method of carrying out exploration. To put things simple : jump, honk, glance at the system map...
  2. T

    Advanced Discovery Scanner - Planetary Mission Issues

    Now, is it just me (because it certainly could be), or have things changed in the game? Coming back to EDH after a little time away, I slapped my Corvette into port, next to my Cutter & Anaconda and boarded my favourite ship; my Diamondback Explorer. Don't ask why, I just like it. Anyhow, I use...
  3. john willi

    Best weapon/experimental effect combinations, for what?

    Hello cmdrs, I've been a beam lazer, multicannon bore for way too long. Could anyone help with more advanced weapon load outs, especially for fixed use on small, medium ships, or for gimballed large ship use as well. Could you describe when and where the weapon and effect is most useful...
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