Welcome to our new community creations forum! Please take note of this forums special rules:

  1. Do not mindlessly bump/to-the-top threads. If you have an update to your creations, post the content - we want to see it!
  2. Please refrain from excessive usage of the IMG bbcode tag. Upload your images to a gallery host, such as imgur.com. Take advantage of the IMGUR bbcode tag to embed the large array of images.
  3. Do not hijack another person's creation thread with your own creations. It's not nice and can be rather rude, make your own thread. :-)
  4. We will not enable file uploads to this forum. The forums are not designed to be a file repository.
  5. Do not use this forum to spamvertise/advertise website(s). You're welcome to link a website, but making posts of "Register/click/go to my site to see more" or the likes thereof are not permitted.

General notes:
- The ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎ website is filtered on these forums. This host serves malware and scareware to mobile clients.
- Double posting is permitted, granted our forums do not have a limit on how many characters or images/media a single post can have.
- The edit lockout is disabled for this forum.
- As a guideline, one thread per each of your creations. You can group your creations to one thread, but it can become confusing once the thread begins to get traction.
- There is no need for a compilation thread that covers multiple other threads for this forum. Please refrain from creating threads as such.