Frontier Xtra March Questions

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    Frontier Xtra March Questions

    Hi coaster friend!

    As this month's Frontier Xtra livestream draws closer, we're looking for our Question of the Month!

    What do you want to know about the games industry, Frontier itself, or the Community Managers/Developers? This is your chance to get some insight into the games industry as a whole, and learn all about what it's like, how to get into it or anything else you may be wondering. We dedicate this section of the stream to answering one of your questions, so providing it's relevant to the games industry, please put your questions in this thread and we'll pick this month's favourite to discuss.

    If you're struggling for ideas on what to ask, previous questions have asked for information on different ways to get into the industry, what kind of preparation goes into a livestream and what's a day in the life of a Community Manager at Frontier.

    The next Frontier Xtra is 22 March at 15:00 UTC, we can't wait to see you there!


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    Awesome I’ll definitely be there
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    I'm always interested in what a day in the life of a Community Manager at Frontier looks like. It is fascinating (at least to me) to learn what goes on in a day of a Community Manager, from the start to the finish and sometimes even beyond that, such as livestream preparation for the evening livestreams.

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    Ok my Questions :

    How gets decided what Game gets made next? What is the Idea finding process, and who gets the final say?
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    I guess my question is this:

    What previously discarded items, coasters, rides or features are now being reconsidered now that PlanCo is entering maturity?

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    My question is well there be anther update this month?

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    What is the process adding props into the game like? We saw some pirate lanterns already implemented into the game engine in some screenshot which never made it into the game. So, I'd like to know how and why the decision was made to add some props into the game or leave them out although all the work (designing, programming, implementing) already has been made and how chances are that they will find the way into the game one day?! the pirate lamps mentioned are just an example. In one screenshot we could see them in game and working - but they never showed up in the final game.

    As those items (I guess there are more than just a couple of props) have already been made I wonder how big the effort would be to bring them into the game or for what reason it was decided to leave them out.

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