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The year is 2248, after the success of Land of the Infinite Valuan Corp has agreed to fund a second park. This park named Land of the Mystic will trade in the lights of the city for the shines and temples of the past eras. At the center of it all the son of Infinite X rises to the heavens and fall to the pits of the mother earth all while excaping the grasp of those pesky Pirates on your tail. After almost 2 years away from the game I present Blueheim.

Best Viewed at either 1pm or 6pm

Special thanks to Wikz, Lasair, and Kombat Wombat on a few blueprints used and modified, Full credit list soon.

Added an entrance, new shops, 4 flat rides, Underwater Que Line for Blueheim and a few additions to the ride itself.

1400ft drop
192 mph
28000 ft long