[1.10.1] Gizmo still buggy

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Thread: Gizmo still buggy

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    Gizmo still buggy


    Most of the time

    Area of Game Affected
    Text and User Interface

    When not using the expiremental "averaged axis gizmo", some selections still default to the global axis instead of a shared axis.

    I discovered this with one of the concrete support base pieces, and it seems to be affecting other scenery parts at random.

    Steps to Reproduce
    Select one of the concrete support pieces. Place the piece then duplicate it and use the gizmo to move it along any axis without rotating.

    Select both items (which should both share the same axis and effectively sitting parallel), and you will discover that the gizmo is aligning on the global axis, not the local/relative axis.

    This seems to change when I select the option to use the expiremental gizmo, so this issue only seems to be affecting the older gizmo option.

    As I mentioned above, this seems to be happening intermettently depending on what scenery item you use use. The concrete support bases seemed to be the most consistently broken. I can provide video/screenshots if necessary.

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    Hey Firefly_445,

    Thanks for the report.

    What settings do you have ticked?

    Do you have the issue if you change the setting for Averaged Orientation in Advanced Move?

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