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Thread: Color Bug

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    Color Bug



    Area of Game Affected

    I just had the weirdest thing happen. I loaded the park I'm working on and everything that was colored purple is now grey. One section of the park uses a lot of purple and every single piece is now grey. This appears to only happen to the color purple. 100s of pieces. I reloaded the park... same thing. I went back to previous save... still all grey. Exited the game and restarted... same thing. If I load a different park there is no problem. I can recolor things and it saves the colors fine.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1) Load the affected park file.

    That it. That's all I need to do.

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    Hey The Great Chili Shaker,

    Thanks for getting in contact.

    I've not been able to reproduce this issue on my end.

    This could be that you have a camera effect on, which can be set in the bottom right next to the time of day setting.

    If it's not that, can you please send me a screenshot and your Dxdiag to assist in this investigation.

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