[1.10.1] Frame Drop / Freeze in bigger parks

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Thread: Frame Drop / Freeze in bigger parks

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    Frame Drop / Freeze in bigger parks


    All of the time (100% reproducible)

    Area of Game Affected

    After reading the last update fixed the videoscreens I wanted to check out one of my bigger older projects. When loading the map the game seemed smooth, but as soon as I move the camera the game starts to get extreme framedrops and even freezing for a few seconds. You can compare it when the game autosaves, but now it happens every 10 seconds. I've checked all my bigger parks and they all have the same problem. Having a low framerate is something I could play with, but having the game not respond for a few seconds every 10/20 seconds makes it unplayable. The videoscreens still don't work for me either btw. They start but seem to freeze on the first frame.

    Steps to Reproduce
    This park seems to have the most problems for me: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1618065548 . Freezes every few seconds (smooth when it's not freezing)

    1. Not having the best computer (3350-p i5 CPU @ 3.10GHz / 16GB RAM / NVIDIA GTX 960 )
    2. load a big park
    3. moving the camera/ onrides/ etc
    4. Putting graphics options lower doesn't seem to make much difference

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    Hey Tricky,

    Thanks for the report and your park.

    Can you please send me over your full Dxdiag to assist in this investigation.

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    Yeah this is the same issue everyone else is having in larger park files or files with Toolkit items.

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