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    Snail eater who only speaks French

    Hello everyone, sorry for the mistakes of language, I'm not good at languages ​​and so goes through a translator.

    43 years old, 4 children (including 3 years old twins), I live near Versailles. No, no, I will not reproduce our iconic castle in PlanCo.
    RollerCoaster Tycoon series player for years, I really appreciate PlanCo for its enormous construction possibilities. To the point of having put aside the scenarios and privileging the sandbox. I love the historical themes (Antiquity, Middle Ages, western, pirates, Maya ...) but I hang less with fantasy, science fiction, children's themes. Having a lot less playing time than a few years ago (kids say they did) my constructions are moving slowly.
    I admire the works of the community for a long time already. There are some talented architects among you. I am particularly impressed by those who manage to divert coins by flipping them around to use them otherwise.

    Like any good French, I groan first and then reflect on the positive sides of everything. So the game is beautiful, quite complete even if you can always want more. With the purchase of all DLCs, this is the game for which I spent the most. But I do not regret so much Frontier does a great job for us and deserves our participation.

    Good construction at all

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    Hello Founchou,

    Welcome to the Planet Coaster forums! Enjoy your time here and have fun with Planet Coaster!

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    Welcome! Your translator did a pretty good job.

    Have fun building and participating in the forums. I'm curious to see which buildings you'll come up with

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    Welcome! The title of this introduction is funny!
    - Planet Coaster - - Harry Potter - - Crafts - - Coding -

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