[1.10.1] F25 not calculating properly

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Thread: F25 not calculating properly

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    F25 not calculating properly



    Area of Game Affected

    the f25 is not calculating Gs for the whole ride neither changing for a new test as seen in the image

    Steps to Reproduce
    !. build an f25
    2. test it wither lateral or vertical gs, if the ride is long it wont calculate

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    Where is the train?

    Has it already been past that point?

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    ill get a a video yeah its actually on the track beside the station when I took this

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    Hey Spyro,

    Thanks for the report and added video.

    I may need some additional repro steps for this as in the video i can see the ride is open with guests on it, but your managed to edit the track to make it exceed G-force limits.

    Was it like this before you opened it and guests still got on it? or did you somehow manage to edit it after its been opened?

    Does the heatmap update correctly if you run a test over the track before reopening it?

    Any additional information about this would be much appreciated.

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    the heatmap that registered was the original ride during construction, the zero G roll used to be a lot taller and the track out of it didn't go into the ground, the coaster exceeded g forces originally as well when it was incomplete the heatmap does NOT change regardless what happens and always stops where it did even after restarting the game, I forgot to mention this is on the live data option, "previous run data" dosent even make it to the lift hill regadless of how many times the coaster circuits eventually I gave up and opened the ride guests still get on it but for 1300 prestige theres still no wait

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