[1.10.1] Screens don't render colors properly

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Thread: Screens don't render colors properly

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    Screens don't render colors properly



    Area of Game Affected

    screens don't render a brown color properly on images its more of a dull pink

    as seen here https://imgur.com/gallery/0LLix6E

    Steps to Reproduce
    no steps required just download a brown image and it should render pinkish on the screen

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    Do you have a screenshot? One thing I have come across using them is colors will show up much much lighter than in the original picture. Not sure if that’s what is happening to you. (I’ve always have to darken the picture before using it.)

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    I believe this is no bug. You’ll have to use some specific programmes or setup when converting an image into the game. See topic:

    You’ll have to read it all, beceause the problem you experience, is mentioned aswell in the middle of this topic by Skyvador, message nr. 57. Brown will look like pink, when contrast is not ok.
    I had the problem aswell, but not anymore.

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    Hey Spyro,

    Thanks for the report and screenshot.

    I'll check this out.

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