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Thread: Log Flume ride angled incorrectly

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    Originally Posted by Real Steel View Post (Source)
    new ride position
    Puts a new meaning on "driftwood"
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    I almost don't want to even say this, but this brings up some scary memories of stuff we were seeing when RTCW came out....darn I said it.

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    I kinda like it. It takes my mind off of the FPS issues.

    American Celebration Resort and other projects available in the workshop under the Steam handle "Robco"

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    All of the time (100% reproducible)

    Area of Game Affected
    Track Rides

    Since purchasing World Fair DLC, my log ride now malfunctions. Logs no longer float normally but now float crooked.

    Steps to Reproduce
    Run the game...

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    Hi depechian,

    I have this as well. It started after the F25 update on 1/31. If you open and close the ride it was go back to normal. It seems to be happening with parks made prior to the Jan 31st update when the ride is already when loading the park. Try closing and reopening and it should be okay

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    Why was there no official notify that this fixes this issue? So many people are complaining about this?
    So weird.

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    Hey everyone,

    We're currently looking into this issue.
    Please let us know if this continues in the next update.

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    Is the next patch coming out for half turm ?

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