[1.10.1] Trigger Audio (Custom Audio)

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Thread: Trigger Audio (Custom Audio)

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    Trigger Audio (Custom Audio)


    All of the time (100% reproducible)

    Area of Game Affected

    Ever since 1.4 update, trigger audio speakers using custom audio work for a while then just stop working.
    Even when trying to test the sound by pressing the play button in the trigger speaker menu doesn't work. It's really holding me back as most my attractions feature triggered audio and none of it works...

    Steps to Reproduce
    place trigger speaker.
    Add custom audio.
    connect to trigger on a track ride or coaster.
    Stops working after so long.

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    Hey Jakepe55,

    Thanks for the report.

    Is this the same issue as detailed here: https://forums.planetcoaster.com/showthread.php/35669

    If not, can you please provide us with a link to a blueprint of the attraction you're having this issue on to assist in this investigation.

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