[1.10] Magnificent Ride Collection S.L.V, HUSS towers and Mind Melt.

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Thread: Magnificent Ride Collection S.L.V, HUSS towers and Mind Melt.

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    Magnificent Ride Collection S.L.V, HUSS towers and Mind Melt.


    All of the time (100% reproducible)

    Area of Game Affected

    S.L.V. - The issue I have with the S.L.V. are the lift hill tyres. Whether that is an issue for just myself or others, I haven't looked into it but the issue with the wheels are that they don't spin at all. The Zierer Force (Junior Coaster) wheels spin as they're suppose to but on the S.L.V. they don't. It almost looks like an extra wheel layer has been placed over the wheel during development that makes it look like they are static.

    HUSS towers - Only really issue with both of them are the restraints do not open and close for guests. The restraints are modeled static for me and no way that they open.

    Mind Melt - At the top of the lift hill there is that new feature that shows the chain cog and the extra supports/platform. It is placed and seen if you built a straight section that isn't elevated and it appears, but when you start building for realism, when you've reached the crest of the coaster it doesn't appear at all. I don't know if it's from my download that it's not appearing or it is affecting everyone as the SLC is a coaster I really wanted to use and build for the extra realism but without that feature it's not looking nice.

    Steps to Reproduce
    I think to help reduce the issues is to look into what is causing the most issues. With the HUSS towers and the S.L.V. being the major issues, looking into the lift wheels to see what patch can be done to make the wheels spin for the realism look.

    With the HUSS towers, it's just to look how the rides restraints can be worked on to make them open up to guests rather than them spawning into a closed restraint and then out.

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    Hey DingRaWD,

    Thanks for the report.

    I'll get this checked out.

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