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    Hey, Steven here!

    Goedendag allemaal / Hello everybody!
    Here Steven from the Netherlands!
    I'm 25 years old (that's going way to fast), studied construction engineering and completed that study as well. A year ago I decided to do something completely different and started my own restaurant/burgerplace. Last year was of course a lot of work, each day, day in, day out and not a lot of spare time

    But now I find out that I need sometimes more free time when I'm back at home and started to play Planet Coaster again. In the past I played a lot of RCT2 and 3 (below some screenshots from that, still active on some Dutch websites) and afther the release from PC I had for a long time a park in my head to create. A little time ago I started with that!

    And here the start of my Planet Coaster park, maybe you'll see where I find the inspiration

    Here some old parks I created the past years:
    Amstelrijk Indoor RCT2 2006/2007

    Mggelturm RCT3 2007/2008

    Westerdok RCT2 (2014 - still going on)

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    Welcome to the forums and back to Planet Coaster

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    Hello, welcome back to Planet Coaster!

    Nice screenshots of RCT2 I also like the screenshot of the building in Planet Coaster.

    Also nice to have another fellow Dutch player on the forums

    Have a great time and enjoy the game!

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    Love the RCT2 shots . Welcome
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