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    Paths to be included in blueprints

    I think this would be neat - so making sure I make a thread here!

    How many times have you made a cool ride with a fully themed queue and thought - hey, I'd love to share this on the workshop! But when you capture the ride and scenery and go to upload it you notice all the paths have disappeared? I can fully understand why this is the case, but for tight paths that you've designed specifically for queue-lines or general pedestrian access (especially in enclosed areas which can be tricky to do manually upon downloading the blueprint) it would be so useful to be able to pre-save these paths and just 'plop' them down with the rest of the ride/blueprint.

    If you think this would be neat, lemme know, it would be nice if it made its way into the game!

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    I agree w/ the idea. My prob is when subscribing to a coaster that has a station and tons of scenery. If I can’t see where the entrance/exits are, or where the paths can fit, I don’t really bother with it to much. It’s great when people add fencing and/or arrows to show the way.

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    As much as I'd love this, it baffles me how this would work. Paths aren't exactly scenery items after all.
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    Originally Posted by Kerfuffle View Post (Source)
    As much as I'd love this, it baffles me how this would work. Paths aren't exactly scenery items after all.
    Perhaps it could be like RCT3 where you select an area and EVERYTHING in that area gets saved to a blueprint?

    I have to say that I tend to build rides with easy entrance/exit and then lay/theme a path as I feel I want it at the time. Of course, this does mean that I don't theme pathways as much as I should/could.

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    RCT3 had very different 3d landscape. It was basically like rct 1-2 but with more degrees for angling the squares.

    Planco is a gigantic leap beyond that.
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