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    Helter Skelter - Spiral Slide

    This game still amazes me every day A classic Fairground ride today created by myself in #planetcoaster I hope you enjoy

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    Well done you, thanks for sharing
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    Awesome - too bad its not a real ride in the game.

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    Well done!!

    Looking really good!

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    Really miss RCT3P's Helter Skelter, still hoping for a working one in the game -- looks good, nice work!

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    I’ve been calling for a Helter Skelter since Alpha......but the Devs don’t listen, How can the oldest most nostalgic ride not be in this game, yet something like Horror Heights is

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    Nice work, PaulsLey! : )

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    @nonamecity. I have to disagree I think they listen to a lot of what we want but they can only do so much at once. This newest toolkit release will allow us so much more freedom to make what we want. And its free!! Can't say anything bad against them for that.

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