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    Fairytale Forest

    I plan on starting a new park with a fairytale forest in it (inspired by the one in Efteling).

    Instead of starting a new game (like I usually do), I'm gonna start building by building and place the blueprints in my park later on.

    First one: the gingerbread house.

    Loosely based on the story of Hansel and Gretel, this house is a home to an old hag that lives alone with her little piglets. But she wouldn't mind if some children came to snack on her sweets. Whether they'll ever leave is the question of course...

    Sequence with the old hag popping out the tower window and a few crows for ambiance. Fog and light effects set the mood at night.

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    Looks very yummy ... love it.

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    Nice! I love the little story it tells with the old hag in the window.

    Originally Posted by Spanky View Post (Source)
    Looks very yummy ... love it.
    Frontier knocked it out of the park with the gingerbread set. It looks SO dang delicious

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    Cerealfruitcakes, your park when finished it going to be great. I will be watching for updates to follow your story as you move along. Great job

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    That looks great! After reading your last post, I'm happy to see you're starting to take a more systematical approach to your builds (doing it build by build). Be sure to keep us up to date on your progress!

    Also thanks for making me hungry, now I'm gunna have to see if we have gingerbread biscuits...

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    Thanks everyone!

    My second little project for the fairytale forest is an automated show about a witch, a princess and a jester.

    The witch, locked away in a dungeon by the king, escapes her cell and turns the princess to stone. She takes control of the kingdom. Seasons pass and at long last, the jester tries to save the princess and release the kingdom from the wrath of the witch by asking for help from the dark sorcerers in the woods. They overpower the witch, cast her back to her cell and undo the curse that turned the princess to stone.

    I'll put a few pictures here, but they don't really do justice to all the work I've put in in all the sequences for it It's my first real attempt at using the sequencers and I'm not really experienced in video editing or anything, but I'll try to get a video up and running in the next few days.

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    Nice show!!!

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    Originally Posted by Tillietwos View Post (Source)
    Cerealfruitcakes, your park when finished it going to be great. I will be watching for updates to follow your story as you move along. Great job
    Sorry, I just noticed I mentioned the wrong person in my post. All your work is beautiful Cerealfruitcakes but my post really was meant for Joren91. Sorry for the error. Joren91 I will be watching for updates

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    Hi guys

    For those of you who are interested, here's a link to the video of the little scene above: link

    I don't have any editing software and I'm not really into putting up any more videos per se, so don't pay too much attention to detail...

    On to the next part of the forest

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    Hi Joren91
    I watched your video.....wow! The timing of the triggers and the storyline is amazing. Have you put this on the workshop?

    Once again, well done

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    Thanks everyone!

    I'll see if I can upload the witch scene to the workshop one of these days.

    Since most of the other parts of the forest need some terraforming, I've started putting everything together in a new save. Kinda risky given my tendency to give up when things get too big, but your feedback keeps me going so far. So far, so good

    I'll update this thread with my progress once I've got something new to show!

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    looking forward to it! Great work
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    Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce the fairytale forest has been finished and is now ready to download at the Steam workshop. Please note that because of the way a lot interacts with the terrain, I had to upload it as a park instead of a blueprint. This means it's still a little rough around the edges, but I have the intention of continuing my park after this.

    This is the link to the workshop and here are a few screenshots.

    Feel free to explore and please let me know what you think!

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    Thanks, I wanted to keep it feeling as "natural" as possible.

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    Really liking the look of this park so far! Please continue to update us!

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    This does look really impressive so far! Details look great
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