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    Club XEO - A new kind of Dance Experience

    Somewhat inspired by Maskerade at Wiener Prater, Club EOX is the club of the future. Take a ride on this indoor-outdoor spinning coaster while listening to the tunes of DJ ZahmBee.

    Workshop link:


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    Great little coaster you did here. Awesome job with the lights and the sequencer controlling them.

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    Great job!

    Me: -can only rig a couple flamethrowers to a roller coaster-

    Maxiaam: -rigs up an entire coaster with epic lighting that feels like a rave-

    In all seriousness though, this is a cool idea for a ride. I really commend you though for having the extreme amount of patience to set up and rig all those lights, and synchronize them to the whole coaster, because it turned out very well. Question: how did you get the colored spotlights to move? is it a DLC or something? (New at Planco.)

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    Those are from the studios pack

    Thanks for the comment

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