Devilish Dining Winners!

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    Devilish Dining Winners!

    Greetings coaster friends!

    It's Halloween, the spookiest time of the year, so what better day to reveal the winners of our Devilish Dining Competition! We tasked you, our creative community, to create some restaurants with a sinister horror theme. Our ten favourites will all receive a signed Spooky poster and a Planet Coaster pin badge. Here are the top ten winners in all their glory (in no particular order), along with the Steam Workshop links so you can download them and add them to your own parks!

    Twobear's The Haunt

    Mez's On The Void

    Geneocide's The Ribcage

    Anigmandra's Shockingly Sweets

    TrickyPlaysGames Restaurant In Peace

    mdiane00's Atomic Al's Apocalypse Barbeque

    PixelWess89's Hotel and Restaurant

    Z_Zandy's Pumpkin Diet

    Nemmie's Unwelcome Inn

    RudiRennkamel's The Wurst Inn

    We also wanted to highlight these runners up who came so close to being in the final ten!

    Stumphre's Hemlock Cafe

    LucasmitC's Restaurant d'horreur

    Tavuk Bey's Trick or Treat: Devilish Dining

    Games4Tom's A Bit Spooky

    Filleis' Mr housī deadly diner

    Thank you to everyone who sent in their entries. We have been amazed at the quality of designs we received! If you want to see the above entries in the game, tune in to our Halloween livestream at 7PM UTC over on!
    We look forward to seeing even more of your creations in future!

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    I love them all.
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    Thank you very much, Frontier, for choosing my blueprint. Itís really appreciated and thank you for taking the time to show it properly with the triggers.

    Also thank you to the kind comments on the livestream.

    Well done everyone else - excellent builds all round.

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    these are all awesome - I could never make building this good on my own

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    Great entries everyone.
    And thanks for choosing mine. I had a blast building it

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    Planet Coaster Ambassador JoŽl's Avatar
    Congratulations everyone! Thanks for the awesome submissions, I'm loving the excellent level of detail and spookiness!

    You can now watch back the livestream on YouTube;

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    It's easy to say nice comments when you make such a great build! Thank you for sending it in to us so we could show others how talented you are

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    Talking Thank you!

    I'm so flattered to have been chosen- thanks so much!! My other half and I had the best time watching the livestream last night and "oohing" and "aahhing" over all the bps!

    Already downloading everyone else's submissions to play with!!!

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    Really nice builds!

    Thanks for sharing all. Congrats to the winners.

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    Whoop whoop! Awesome that I made it to the top 10, thanks a lot! happy halloween
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    One happy gamer here! Thx Frontier for choosing my creation to top 10

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    I've just received my poster and pin badge so I just wanted to say thank you. Seeing that big picture of King Ghoster made me chuckle. Thanks for taking the time to sign it too.

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    Mine also came today! Looks awesome, thank you. The signatures were also a very nice, appreciated touch

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