After the day we went to Farup Sommerland (see link¨) it was time for Djurs Sommerland.
Here is a compilation movie of our day in this park

Here is a compilation of all the rollercoasters in this park.
In 2016 weíve had a meeting with the Coaster Heroes with the manager and he told us, that in 2017 a new rollercoaster will raise up. So when we arrived at the park, the first attraction weíre wanted to do , was this new one, called Dragekongen. It was a very nice and smooth coaster, better then I thought, so I was surprised. After that it was time for ĎJungle Rallyí, a kiddiecoaster, this was a surprise for me because I didnít know that this was there newest coaster, it opened in 2018.

When we finished this kiddiecoaster, we saw that the topple tower Ornen was in operation and because this an unique attraction and itís famous about his many breakdowns, we took our chance. Funny thing is that the next day, this attraction would have is last ride, I read that later on the internet.

Now itís time for some better stuff, letís go to Juvelen! This is still one of my favourites in the park, that second launch wow! We told Jesse, that it was better to hold his hands, because of the speed, g-forces and fierce curves.

Juvelen is done, so letís visit his neighbour Thorís Hammer, nice coaster, but not the most original.

Now time for a break for Supernovae and me and Jesse goes for the first time alone in the bumpercars. He has to find out how he has to handle the car, but after a little while itís okay.
Suddenly there was a lot of rain and a thunderstorm, so time to hide.
After the rainbreak, Jesse wants to cycle skelters for families, so okay. Only thing is that the adults had to cycle, because Jesse was too small to get to the pedals.
When Supernovae and I had have our fitness, we decide to take an ice-cream, we wanted one with scoops, whipped cream and glaze. But when we ordered one, the lady at the desk give us twice more than we expected, so it was hard to eat him all the way and we werenít hungry anymore for the rest of the day.
Now itís time for Vilde Honsejagt

After this, we did all the rollercoasters again but then backwards. At the end of the day, Supernovae and I wanted to do Piraten, but Jesse was too small, so we decide that one of us went with Jesse in SkatteÝen and the other one, could ride the Intamin beauty and when we finished we changed. After the adults were finished with Piraten, we went in Soulken (a Polyp ride).

At the end of the day we did a few rides in Juvelen , we finished the day in Solguden (we always call it Slaslick the ride 😉 ) and then it was time to go back to the campsite, the next day we had to wake up very early, because around 7.00 oíclock in the morning the Stenaline would us bring to Gothenburg in Sweden for two days in Liseberg.