My New Movie Ride Has So many Triggers Events!

Thread: My New Movie Ride Has So many Triggers Events!

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    My New Movie Ride Has So many Triggers Events!

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    Absolutely amazing wel done with the storry and the trigger events it realy gives me the feeling am watch a short movie and at the same time am on a coaster i also like the way you did the ships it looks like that thay ar animated. and about the trigger events i feel your paine am still working on some projects .so how many did you use in total if i may ask ?

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    Thanks! I'm happy with the flying ship effects, I don't know how many triggers I used, but theres a ton! Especially in the big explosion at the end. Thanks for watching!!!!

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    I didn't enjoy the movie that much (great idea while the plot was flat and forgettable) but what you've managed to create from it is beyond my imagination. the usage of lights to improvise animated objects is top notch here. great job, again, Tommy.

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    very cool...lots of triggers. Almost like a movie in itself

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    You know Tommy, besides your ride is totally awesome and badass.
    I would like to see it as a simulator. This ride is perfect for showing on screen where the chairs bounce up and down, wind is blowing through your hair and sometimes a little spray of water hits your face.
    Your ride is absolutely a master creation!

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    Spectacular! And great sync with the soundtrack.

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