I, unfortunately, am using my traveling laptop and therefore have no images to show. However, I hope that I can still explain it well enough for you to be able to do what I did!

For this to work properly, you require the Vintage Pack DLC.

Step 1: Place down the Vintage Claw Machine in a place far away from any objects so that paths aren't messed up and/or nothing obscures your view.

Step 2: Completely cover all parts of the claw machine in art shapes and other decoration you deem appropriate for your theme. Remember to add the 1m TV screen in front of the claw machine. Be sure that the button is reachable by the guests without clipping.

Step 3: Add advertisements and set the TV Screen to either play one of the in-game parabolic screen movies or import one of your own.

When you are done, either duplicate it or save it as a blueprint and insert it into your park. Your guests should use it without coming out with drinks, food or gifts. The only bad part about this is that when the guests win, they will reach down to the money collection box (presuming you detailed it enough to add one) and seemingly just grab at it. You can also do this with the free, default claw machine, although it would be way too wide and a bit chunky.

Anyway, I hope this helped, I didn't necessarily want to give an in-depth tutorial, I just wanted to share my discovery.

PS: I was very tempted to name this thread "ARCADE MACHINES IN PLANCO?! *not clickbait* (STORYTIME)