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    My ideas for PlanCo - Part I : Management

    Hi there,

    after a long time, I'd like to post some ideas and suggestions again for one of the best games I have installed on my PC (ok, there're just two games: PlanCo and RCT3 ). I'm really surprised that Frontier will finally give us the opportunity to import own created CSOs into the game (Toolkit). Therefore, many of the ideas, I had for you, are not necessary anymore. My suggestions and ideas are now focused only on the sections: park management, game surface / menu navigation, rides and other improvements.

    By the way, English is not my native language. But I hope you understand me anyway.

    Here we go:


    - Purchasing lands: Pls, give us the option to purchase and/or to lease land to be able to expand the park

    - It would be great if we could assign mechanics, janitors, security guards and entertainers to certain park areas by marking path and queue sections as it was possible in RCT3. That would be easier than the current option.

    - Park admission: A way to offer admission discounts wouldn't be bad.
    E.g. 50% off for kids and handicapped guests, as well as contests/raffles where park guests are able to win free park tickets.

    - Park inspections: A park manager who inspects the park regulary would be cool. He/she could inspect the park very strictly or less strictly. That could be adjustable. As it was already possible in RCT3 I could be punished by losing money when something in the park was poorly managed. Likewise, I could get money if the park is managed very well:
    E.g. dirty pathes and plazas = -250$ / clean pathes and plazas = +250$

    - A map to see which areas in the park are currently most frequented would be helpful.

    I know that it's unrealistic to think that all wishes will be fulfilled, 'cause the devs have many own great ideas for the game. But I hope that the one or the other idea attracts the devs with wider interest.

    Pls feel free to visit my other thread "My ideas for PlanCo: Part II : Rides
    Planet Coaster makes me totally
    Visit my wish lists and ideas: (Rides) + (Management)

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    I had hoped since alpha that we would eventually see heat maps. I used the “map” and heat map feature in the previous RCT games so often. It was one of the most convenient features.

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    Excellent suggestions

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    Let's don't forget the park management, which is still very expandable. (seeing above)
    Planet Coaster makes me totally
    Visit my wish lists and ideas: (Rides) + (Management)

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