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    Hi Everyone.,

    I am new here .. having issue with game not launching

    hope I can find the solution.

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    Hello mcjustin33,

    Welcome to the Planet Coaster forums.

    Since you've got an issue with the game not launching I'm going to move this thread to the Tech Support section of the forums.

    Could you please post your DxDiag report, so that we can help you?

    To create a DxDiag report on Windows 7 or later, simply follow these steps:
    • Open the Start Menu
    • Type dxdiag into the search box and press Enter (if there is no search box you can start typing to make it appear)
    • The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will then pop up with all sorts of useful info about your PC
    • Click 'Save All Information' and select a convenient location to save the file.
    • You now have your DxDiag file. Please post the complete content of the file. At least the top part including the display devices section is required.
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    Hello there,

    Sorry to know that you were having an issue to play the game.
    As suggested above, please get us a dxdiag log and then upload them here. Alternatively, you are welcome to open a ticket to us at https://support.frontier.co.uk/topic.php and we can have a look into it , make sure you have your Dxdiag attached to the ticket as well.

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