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    So many details!!!

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    I also posted the bridge to Africa out there if you want to use it.

    Let's take a closer look at Crocodile Creek. This is a log flume ride that passes through a croc enclosure where you have some close encounters with the creatures as you ride through the creek. I guess its a bit hard to read here, but the smaller hanging sign says Crocodile Creek in Swahili.

    Looking at the queue from above

    In the queue

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    Wow! All of this is really looking great! I especially love how you did the line for the ride and the shade structures! Very nicely done!

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    THX - glad you like what I'm doing. Having fun with it.

    Here is the load station for Croc Creek. I built this from scratch and it is on the workshop if you want to use it for your parks. The roof is made of billboards and I used a thatch photo I found online. Let me know if you need this specific one and I can post it out there.

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    He has a lot left to upload it to a workshop and a work of art.

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    Here is what the ride looks like.
    Leaving the station

    Warnings of what's ahead in both English and Swahili.

    Heading around the hut

    and into Croc Country

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    Excellent...perfectly built. There's an art to putting that many items together and having it all blend perfectly together from the trees, bushes to buildings etc...You do that SO well!

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    THX Heather!

    After all the actually enter the croc enclosure where you get up close and personal with a few before heading up the first lift.

    Here is a better view of the whole enclosure and you can see guests can observe the crocs from many angles through the glass walls.

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    I would put a glass wall between the ride and the crocs for the guests sake. You don't want this ride to be an all you can eat buffet for the crocs.

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