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    So when I was messing around with creating the map, I had this version, that I though looked like a skull...kind of a hidden adventure thingy that was not planned intentionally.

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    Here is a short speed build of the plaza area

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    That skull map is so inspiring and brilliant - I thinks I will be making an adventure park - thanks for sharing - great thread G

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    THX guys - glad you are enjoying the park.

    Here is a overview of the park and the entry plaza. Sorry for the bad audio....I need a new headset/mic.

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    Here is another drawing of a plan in my head for the Port of Call area. lots of random placed buildings and paths. This area is kind of the main street of this park, but very unstructured. Want it have have the feel of a bustling port of sorts.

    And as I start to place stuff...I also circled the main areas of where stuff will go and you can kind of see how it starts to follows my chicken scratch.

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    Another drawing and how it looks once I started placing more buildings.
    This area will be almost exclusively blueprints that I will add to or embellish.

    First pass at adding in the pathways

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    I'm really building this area out slow, so I will post photos as I make progress in each smaller group of buildings. (life and work have been busy. remodeling the master bath and its been dragging on for months now...almost done and I can spend more time playing this game for fun).

    As I mentioned above, most all this land will be blueprint imports from the workshop. I will give credit the best I can as I tried to keep track of everything, but there is a lot, so please forgive me and let me know if you see some of your work and I didn't call you out.

    I also added a pathway behind the building that traverses along the river

    First is Confisco Grille Restaurant by Universal802. Great work on this building and I had to use it. I did embellish a little by adding some extra plantings and an outside eating area.
    I left the name as is and see this as the main more upscale restaurant in the Port of Call area.

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