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    Nice layout! Good luck and enjoy building Renee' Feu Adventure Park!

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    trying my part at the 3D is one of the security area.

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    Its not totally done yet, but here is progress I have made on the entry gate for the park

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    the adventure theme is my fav but the hardest for me to create. Looks great. love that u have a layout. If I did that i would constantly change it as I go. good job!

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    I have a layout, but its just a plan and I'm sure it will change as I go along...especially as new DLC and features get released (assuming there will be more)

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    Wowman, you are doing such a great job on this. I love the sign and the details you are using

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    Great to see your progress on the park entrance!

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    THX for all the great comments. Here are a few night shots of this area.

    There is a character meet and greet right outside the main gate where guests will be greeted by Renee to her park.

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    I added a small refreshment stand on the left side of the entrance gates. Used blueprint Adventure Drink Shop by Kalopsia and added a few elements to it.

    that billboard panel on the fence will have some sort of advertisement...just haven't created it yet.

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    the other side of the entry plaza had a fence installed, again will add ride posters later once I know what the rides are.

    inside, I added an information building, a small fountain and some scenery.
    The building was used from the workshop. Aduana de Port Royal by JuananGr

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    A little bit of building behind the scenes. I had placed the train track that will circle the park...but it was too close to this plaza area and to I pushed it back and lowered as low as I could go before it conflicted with the path...had issues making it lower as when ever I removed the path I couldn't get is back the way I wanted it. So, decided this height was good and would work. There will be station built on the raised track real soon.

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    On the left side of this entry plaza I'm adding a guest relations building and this relic hangs outside for picture opportunities. I will place this on the workshop.

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    here is the back view (exit) side of the ticket gates

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    Just discovered this park today. Very nice layout you have in mind there. Looking good, I really like the entrance building and the Indy-fond you used!

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    Sorry, been silent a while as I was out of town.
    Working on the Guest Relations building that will be on the left side of the entry area.
    Here is how I tend to start formatting building that I start from scratch.

    After the roofs and a few accents have been added

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    Back to the general courtyard. I added a few planters and finished the compass inlay.

    At night

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