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    Hey All!!

    Hey Everyone,

    Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself! I've been watching the development of Planet Coaster for a while, and finally just broke down and bought it. I don't know much about it right now... heck, I can't even figure out how to work the freaking camera view... But I look forward to learning the game and sharing progress with you all, and seeing what you all create!

    Here's to the madness!
    - Matt

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    Hey Matt, welcome to the Planet Coaster forums. Nice to have you join us for the ride!

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    Hi Matt! If you need help, you can ask questions here https://forums.planetcoaster.com/for...Do-I-and-FAQ-s
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    if you need anything there are no dumb questions. I know it can be frustrating trust me. Just check out all the setting . Many collision settings to turn off and other settings like vertical snapping. Ask away if u need something ��

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