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    Outdoor Lighting Pack (Streetlights, Lampposts, and Pathlights)

    After getting tired of seeing the same default street lights in Planet Coaster parks, and inspired by the way lighting can create a sense of place and time, especially in a themepark setting, I decided to create this!

    64 pairs of lamp posts / street lights and 64 matching path lights organized around 6 central themes.

    Took forever, but I can't wait to see how you guys use them in your own parks!

    [Traditional] containing typical lighting one would see in a city, town, or park.

    [Rustic] containing wooden, western, pirate, craftsman, and adventure themed lighting.

    [Moderne] containing metal, mid-century, atomic, art deco, and futuristic lighting.

    [Place & Time] containing ancient, medieval, and lighting from exotic locations.

    [Thematic] containing heavily themed lighting, toy land, spooky, alien, circus, apocalyptic, fairy, etc.

    [Holiday] containing Halloween, Christmas, and Mardi Gras lighting.

    You may even notice some inspired by real life locations including:
    - Toy Story Land
    - DisneySea
    - Animal Kingdom
    - Pandora
    - Discoveryland
    - California Adventure
    - France
    - Japan
    - China
    - And 2 World's Fairs

    Feel free to modify and recolor them as needed. Enjoy!

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    This is amazing. I will use these in all my parks.
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    That's so great ! fantastic work ! Thanks to share !

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    I love when people do packs like this. These look great - THX

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    Thanks guys! Feel free to share pictures in this thread of how you end up using them.

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    Excellent! Great work! Beautiful designs!!!

    I look forward to trying these out in all my parks! Thank you!!! Great work!!!!

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    Thanks! Updated to include a few new lights, a new theme, and the pack no longer requires the "Knight Rider" DLC.

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    Wow, I'm definitely gonna use some of them. Great work!

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    cool, very good work - I like that a lot!
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    These are amazing! Do they require any certain DLC?

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    They require The Munsters Kit, Spooky Pack, Adventure Pack, Studios Pack, Vintage Pack, and with my next update World's Fair Pack.

    New lampposts are on their way!

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    YAY! Love all three but especially that last one...I have plans for that already! Great work...thank you for sharing!

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