The Great Outdoor Lighting Pack

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    The Great Outdoor Lighting Pack

    After getting tired of seeing the same default street lights in Planet Coaster parks, and inspired by the way lighting can create a sense of place and time, especially in a themepark setting, I decided to create this!

    74 pairs of lamp posts / street lights and 74 matching path lights organized around 6 central themes.

    Took forever, but I can't wait to see how you guys use them in your own parks!

    Containing typical lighting one would see in a kingdom, city, town, or park.

    Containing wooden, western, craftsman, and adventure themed lighting.

    Containing metal, mid-century, atomic, art deco, and futuristic lighting.

    Place & Time
    Containing ancient, medieval, and lighting from exotic locations.

    Containing heavily themed lighting, toy land, spooky, alien, circus, apocalyptic, fairy, etc.

    Containing summer, fall, winter, and spring themed lighting.

    Most are my own design, but some of the lighting was inspired by real life locations including:
    - Toy Story Land
    - DisneySea
    - Animal Kingdom
    - Pandora
    - Discoveryland
    - California Adventure
    - France
    - Japan
    - China
    - And 2 World's Fairs

    Feel free to modify and recolor them as needed, just be sure to give credit. Enjoy!

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    This is amazing. I will use these in all my parks.
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    That's so great ! fantastic work ! Thanks to share !

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    I love when people do packs like this. These look great - THX

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    Thanks guys! Feel free to share pictures in this thread of how you end up using them.

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    Excellent! Great work! Beautiful designs!!!

    I look forward to trying these out in all my parks! Thank you!!! Great work!!!!

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    Thanks! Updated to include a few new lights, a new theme, and the pack no longer requires the "Knight Rider" DLC.

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    Wow, I'm definitely gonna use some of them. Great work!

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    cool, very good work - I like that a lot!
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    These are amazing! Do they require any certain DLC?

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    They require The Munsters Kit, Spooky Pack, Adventure Pack, Studios Pack, Vintage Pack, and with my next update World's Fair Pack.

    Some of the new lampposts.

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    YAY! Love all three but especially that last one...I have plans for that already! Great work...thank you for sharing!

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    New lampposts have arrived! Unfortunately the entire pack is now over 4000 pieces so I had to split the set into 6 files. Links to the new files and entire collection can be found above.

    Feel free to post pictures in the thread of how you end up using them!

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    Planet Coaster Ambassador JoŽl's Avatar
    Very nice!

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    Hey Brandon,
    As I said on Discord last night, this is an incredible set. There really is something in it everyone will find useful.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to put this beautiful set together.

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    I love the Halloween and pirate themed additions - great work

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