Beach waves effect

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Thread: Beach waves effect

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    Beach waves effect

    Soooo...apparently I am making waves in the community...literally!

    full beach with 8 waves:

    single wave version:

    behind the scenes (or should I say, under the waves):

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    Woooouah ! Great effect ! Really amazing ! great worrk ! Love it !

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    Amazing Fisherman!! I want to run into the water!
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    Very nice, Fisherman! Excellent idea!
    Muara Creoshama! Merry Christmas!

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    Very original and looking very cool!

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    That's a very clever idea!

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    I was watching the video and thinking... "How on Earth has he managed this?"

    Blown away by this but then your creations are always stunning.

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    Looks like a nice beach, it's huge. I'd be keen to check out this park.

    Waves look great but 120 effects per wave is a bit expensive for me to be looping continuously, but the occasional triggered wave would be fine for ride-cam use.

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    Awesome creation Fisherman. It looks so real. Nice Job!

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    I saw this on Twitter, and was blown away by it! I thought it was a billboard trick originally, but you have actually done this incredibly well!
    A top notch job!
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