Beach waves effect

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Thread: Beach waves effect

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    Beach waves effect

    Soooo...apparently I am making waves in the community...literally!

    full beach with 8 waves:

    single wave version:

    behind the scenes (or should I say, under the waves):

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    Woooouah ! Great effect ! Really amazing ! great worrk ! Love it !

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    Amazing Fisherman!! I want to run into the water!
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    Very nice, Fisherman! Excellent idea!

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    Very original and looking very cool!

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    That's a very clever idea!

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    I was watching the video and thinking... "How on Earth has he managed this?"

    Blown away by this but then your creations are always stunning.

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    Looks like a nice beach, it's huge. I'd be keen to check out this park.

    Waves look great but 120 effects per wave is a bit expensive for me to be looping continuously, but the occasional triggered wave would be fine for ride-cam use.

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    Awesome creation Fisherman. It looks so real. Nice Job!

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    I saw this on Twitter, and was blown away by it! I thought it was a billboard trick originally, but you have actually done this incredibly well!
    A top notch job!
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    I have copied this thread from the Triggered Events forum to the Shops and Stalls forum, which will be renamed to Shops and Scenery, so that this thread will be preserved during the upcoming Forum Revamp in March 2019.

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    Great idea, and really well executed!
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