A simple request for everyones entries...

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    A simple request for everyones entries...

    Can I request/suggest that if your object/workshop item uses pieces from a DLC pack, that you mention that on the Workshop page for it, as well as the thread here for it(if you've made one)?

    I find that a lot of people don't do that, so I've ended up subscribing to and downloading a lot of things that in the end I can't use because I only have the base game, and it won't let me use it unless I purchase the DLC it has parts from.

    No sense in subscribing to something I cannot use.

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    The Steam page lists which packs are used in the tags. Look at the tags before subscribing.

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    There is a way of doing it as well as the tags which I know some don't use and that's the Add/Remove DLC option. That clearly indicates what DLC is used but has to be manually applied by the uploader.


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