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    Planco Regency | Resort and Spa

    A little project I've been working on this summer

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    Continuing work on the public facing side of the resort:


    Groceries and Swimwear are located closer to hotel rooms for guest convenience
    Whereas dining and bike rentals are more publicly accessible

    Custom signage!!!

    Lobby/Main entrance:

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    Worked on a 2nd floor bar, thinking of turning the first floor into a bakery or ice cream parlor?

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    jumping around and fixing up the front exteriors and adding lighting

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    Dang! that looks incredible....(that would have taken me longer to make.)

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    thank you thank you thank you!!

    progress from today: POOL PARTY

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    WOW! Love it!
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    working now on the "spa" portion of this "resort and spa" lol
    so far i have the entrance, reception, and waiting room

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    Spa progress:

    Locker rooms accessible from the front desk--spa users and outdoor pool/jacuzzi users can use them

    lighting for the lounge/waiting room

    tried my hand at indirect lighting in the sauna room

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    Amazing work! Really great, and sooooo many little great details like the door handles for the glass doors!
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    The spa is now 99% complete (just need to finish lighting)

    bathing suit dlc when?? (peeps love bathing in denim...)

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    lights out

    a new suite appears:

    this ones my favorite pick of the bunch--its just so moody even though it doesnt show much

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    weddings and events of all kinds can be held at Planco Regency Resort and Spa!!

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    wow - these look just about real. I had to stare to figure some of these out

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    small shopping district gets some fancy new signs

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