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    Originally Posted by redrum View Post (Source)
    Water slides would be fun, but I'd like to see a bunch of other things done first...

    • "Shows" - A flat ride where guests pay to enter, take their seats and watch your triggered sequencer shows. What's the point of making a stunt show if guests ignore it?
    • Interactive sideshow alley games, playable by us and guests. Laughing clown game, shooting gallery etc. I hoped for this in Vintage pack.
    • Ability to pause animatronics at their halfway point for X seconds so we can keep doors open for longer and prevent animation resets too early. This would allow for more creative control in sequences.
    • A new "all in one" coaster that does it all... pause track pieces, option to rotate car any direction during ride, LSM, vertical tower sections and drops... just a super supreme "with the lot" coaster that works for both fast rides and slower dark rides or combinations of both. Car should be a 2 seater, with option to have just a single car on track.

    Then... after those things, water slides.
    The last point +1000000
    Europapark,Disneyland California, Port Aventura, Gardaland, Phantasialand and Efteling fan

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    Originally Posted by Funrir_Woulfe View Post (Source)
    - Water Rides - Yes - Water Park - No -

    The fact is water in the game is just a texture, nothing else, so pools would just be for looks, don't think the guests would even swim, would require all new animations just for swimming if they added pools, you can't even drown the guests currently, think of it like RCT 1 were water is just for looks, still had water rides, just no pools...
    That's exactly my opinion
    Europapark,Disneyland California, Port Aventura, Gardaland, Phantasialand and Efteling fan

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    I have a pool but no one will use it. I think they must be scared off by the vast amount of pee in the pool...

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    I would absolutely love an expansion pack built around the theme of a water park. It would be vastly more robust than any of the current DLC, and justifiably more expensive because it would need to offset the cost of development.

    I understand that people would rather see resources dedicated to other themes. Honestly, I'd rather see bigger more fleshed out expansions with scenery, rides, and features galore than small DLC's

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the DLCs we've gotten. I have bought every single one and use parts from them. But they do honestly feel small and featureless.

    Yes there might be technical limitations but that's why they have a team of developers, to overcome those limitations and do the things thought not possible by the consumer. Obviously, that takes time and money. I'm patient, and I'd pay well for more robust expansions with new game mechanics.

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    Do you think that they rushed the development of the game itself and didn’t really plan for the future and “forgot” to code the game to make water parks possible and other things like mini golf, etc. and now in their minds it’s too late and they are not going to fix their mistakes and go back and fix the core game to allow people to swim and slide down slides? But I think with Soaked, they added new code to RCT3 to make the new behaviors and animations possible of people swimming, sliding down slides, etc. I would really like working pools for hotels. Maybe hot tubs, too. In RCT3 you could fake hotels like that and have working elevators, and for hotel rooms have benches where people would rest.

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