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    PRIDE - The Ride

    Homophobia ... NOT TODAY SATAN!
    Welcome to PRIDE - The Ride

    This will be one special attraction. The dumpsters are all full of nasty slogans and slurs, the police cars represent the Stonewall Riots, the water jets represent the cleansing of the past and the fireworks and lighting is the celebration aspect of pride. With remembrance to the 3 major LBGTQ+ Attacks. Up Stairs Lounge(New Orleans)-The Stone Wall Riots-Pulse Night Culb (Orlando).This is an attraction of fun, love and acceptance to I wish Love and peace to whoever, wherever and whatever you are or choose to be.

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    Best Viewed at Night sit back and ...


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    Early bird, Vip pass, Coaster head , Just another Gay dude!

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    Love it! Of course I am more partial to the original 78 rainbow with turquoise and pink also included, because colors! (the reason of why they removed is that it was easier to find fabric for flags back in time if it was removed)

    Nevermind! sorry going off topic!
    E dor Planet Coaster! #TeamPC #CosmicCowWow

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