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    I'm a new player of Planet Coaster, but I've been a long-time fan of Roller Coaster Tycoon before this. I just got the game(again) in the recent Steam Summer Sale.

    Well, I'll admit, i'm not exactly "new", as much as a "returning new" player. I had owned it before this, but I had gotten a refund because of the lack of an interactive tutorial, similar to RTC where it has a topic Scenario, and the topic had a final goal to achieve, that it took you through step-by-step, in order to achieve the goal. They were really nice to go through, having the game actually show you how to use the different tools at your disposal and where things were in the toolbar. So I was excited when I first got Planet Coaster, hoping to get the same thing. But instead all I got was a playlist on YouTube, and I don't learn very well just by watching a video. So I got a refund.

    And now that it's on sale, I got it again, with the ambition to just dive into it and learn on my own as I go. So I got it, and went immediately into the sandbox to first learn the ropes of building things. And I think I caught what many might call "The Creator's Curse". Because in this past week of owning it, i've burned almost 50 hours just in the Sandbox, building things, creating things for the game more than I'm actually playing it. But I'm having a ton of fun doing it, and I think that's really all that matters in the end.

    Caught a glimpse of the new upcoming update, excited and looking forward to see it!

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    Hayo TheRaven81, welcome to the Planet Coaster forums! Nice to have you join us for the ride

    Have a great time and enjoy the game!

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