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    Bonjour !

    Hello everyone !

    My nickname is Arkthus, my real name is Renan, I'm a 33 french guy living in Nantes, France.
    I'm not really fond of simulation or management games, but I love theme parks, and since RCT I love creating parks that are either totally crazy, or out from my dreams and imagination.
    PC is the first game where i can really go full creative, and that's what I love about the game, I wish there was even more possibilities to create crazy or beautiful things !

    I'm also a Sonic, Disney, video games, music, cinema and tv series fan, so of course my creations will often be related to this (the first that I'm doing currently is about an old Saturn game, Sonic R) but I might also make things that are completely imaginative

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    Hello Renan, welcome to the Planet Coaster forums! Nice to have you join us for the ride

    Be sure to take a look at the Community Creations forums, for there are many great creations shared there from other creative players, including some Disney and video games (re)creations.

    Have a great time here on the forums and enjoy Planet Coaster!

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