Magnetic Snap Feature (ability to create, share and upload massive creations)

Thread: Magnetic Snap Feature (ability to create, share and upload massive creations)

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    Magnetic Snap Feature (ability to create, share and upload massive creations)

    I don't know if this has been mentioned or suggested, but what about a snapping-magnet mechanism when creating blueprints that are over 4,000 pieces? Instead of us having to place blocks and signs with directions to users on piecing it together just right, a new feature to make it where we place the 'snap' mechanism, so once we set our blueprint in 2 or 3 saved blueprint sections when placing it it snapped together as if it was one entire blueprint?

    This way we could create entire sections of our parks that we want to share with the Workshop community, or for ourselves and want to move our creations to other parks. Why create something breathtakingly stunning that we have spent months on just to have it go to waste?

    The snapping feature could be an object that we place in the build, or we could save the entire blueprint (allowing 4,001 to 100,000 pieces in an entire blueprint), then we could highlight sections and label them Piece 1, Piece 2, etc.; it would then save each highlight as its own individual blueprint. So when we go to place these sections they would automatically snap in the right place, at the right height and angle, as if we saved, uploaded, and placed it as one entire blueprint.

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    It would be very nice to have an object that when in a building, or in a selection, could snap to objects of the same type. It would be a very useful idea.

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    Interesting idea! I'd love to see anything that would make multi-part blueprints easier to manage.
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    guess it would be more easy for the software to simply remove the piece limit than to figure out which blueprint belongs to the other (unique object IDs are necessary to define connections, but when porting a blueprint into your park all blueprint objects gain new ids depending what's already inside your park).

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