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Thread: File won't load

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    Had the computer lockup while I was playing (which has happened before) but this time my park file is corrupted, there is no autosave present, and I'm pretty peeved. Is there any way this can be restored? I had over 10 hours on this park and it was coming along nicely.

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    File won't load

    So I was playing the game and it froze the computer. This happens a lot, not every time, but a good portion of the time. However this time when I rebooted the computer and got back into the game, it won't load my park anymore. There is no autosave since that seems to be really buggy. I wasn't saving at the time of the crash, but the file won't load at all. Is there any way to save my park?

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    Auto Save is active by default and should occur every 10 minutes, if that did not happen then there may be an underlying technical issue which we can look into for you.

    To help with this please make a ticket here:

    However if you cannot find any saves, they may unfortunately be lost sorry.

    Planet Coaster Customer Support Team

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    There is an underlying issue. Its bugged and has been for quite some time. It was finally admitted to being a bug recently by QA Mark. How come none of Frontier seems to be on the same page. Support says one thing.. Bug feedback says another.. Community managers dont have a clue whats going on anymore. Sigh. What has happened to you guys

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