Horror Heights Ride-Skin / Dark-Ride & Hotel (Hotel el Fuego)

Thread: Horror Heights Ride-Skin / Dark-Ride & Hotel (Hotel el Fuego)

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    Horror Heights Ride-Skin / Dark-Ride & Hotel (Hotel el Fuego)

    Hurtle up and down aboard an elevator while the fire alarm goes off. Will you survive this catastrophe?

    This compact darkride consists of a building with ride entrance (first floor), ride exit path, shop, staffroom and queue of the ride (ground floor). The show building contains besides the station, 7 scenes. The blueprint includes a hotel aswell, which is part of a seperate building for easy adjustment (or removal). The hotel consists of a lobby, 10 luxery and 40 standard rooms.

    Reception (station), Hotel corridor (fire alarm!), Floor closed for refurbishment (something goes wrong there), Lobby, Inferno, Escape from disaster, Top view, Collapsing basement.

    Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/.../?appid=493340

    A selection of pictures:

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    wow - the detail is awesome. I love the interior work you have done.

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    Nice!! I like the dlightly different hotel concept
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